Imbabura province located in the Northern Andes region is certainly a pristine example of Ecuador’s ethnic, cultural and natural diversity. This region displays an important variety of natural environments such as temperate green valleys, high volcanoes, roses plantations, tropical and subtropical rain forests. To complete this pleasant scene, various medium sized lakes which offer walks with fascinating photo opportunities. The area includes indigenous, mestizo and African population groups who have survived many cultural impacts that have taken place over the years, so that today they provide an exemplary model of ancestral ways. The Otavalo ethnic group is certainly the most noteworthy in the entire area. Nevertheless, the Chota valley with its African ancestry, as highlighted by its crafts, music and color, is also quite striking. The region has a wide variety of agricultural products all year round, and Ecuadorian cuisine provides countless dishes. Ethnic diversity is evident in the arts and crafts, including woven goods, leather, ceramics, jewelry, and musical instruments, which are available every day at markets as well as in many shops. ...more
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